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Just all of the projects that I have made myself that I would like to link here. Unless otherwise specified, all art and code in these was made by me.

Hollikill's Minecraft Addons

These are a sampling of resource packs, datapacks, and other tools for minecraft that have been created and collected by me. These packs sometimes include content from others.

Point Game

A incremetal game I made (and am making!) in my free time, for fun and to learn javascript. It's in early versions now, but people tell me it's already quite fun.


A nice little game about a small stock market and two other investors. The goal is to own every single stock, not to make the most money. (You can try, though)

Easy Spanish Accents

This program will let you type the spanish accents you need much, much easier! As you know if you've tried it, typing letters such as: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ¡, ¿, etc. can be very difficult! It seems like none of the solutions listed online work at all... but this one simple program can fix all that.


An fake anthology of a fictional universe that I came up with. I might be a little biased, but I think it's pretty cool.

Statue Finder

A treasure seeking game about hunting for lost statues in the midst of a wild and expansive land.

Block Crasher

A rougelike game with a store, incrementing difficulty, and many enemy types to fight.

Space Ninja

An extensive puzzle game with handcrafted spaceships and challenging puzzles to explore.

Artifishal Intelligence

A demonstration of basic artificial intelligence put inside a simulated 2D fish.

Caravan Sim Redux

A remake of an earlier rougelike Caravan-hunting game set in a bleak nuclear wasteland, where you try to work your way across the land to a yet unknown, but certainly desirable destination. Thiis requires Python 3.7 to use.


A Visual Studio Code color theme, personally styled by me to help increase coding potential.

P.S. Looking back on this years later, it is so incredibly dum. Guess I just liked the thought of having a theme. Please don't use this and use something like Monokai Vibrant instead.