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The Personal Website of Hollister Harper Ream

Hi! I'm Hollister Harper Ream, and this is my website. Up here you can see some of the content that I want to show to the world, such as some of the coding project that I have done, some of my hobbies, or some of my favorite game-related content. Feel free to explore!


There's not much to tell, but I'll say what I can about myself. I am a 17 year old male living in the great city of Austin, Texas. I find myself leaning more toward democratic opinions, but no matter what I think, I will be willing to listen to your opinion. Free speech and all! I have a learner's permit for driving, but I don't like to drive. What can I say? Bikes are just better. I am a junior at a magnet school called Liberal Arts and Science Academy, or LASA for short. They don't allow a lot of electives, but I am taking the third year level of computer science, which is one of my favorite topics along with mathematics. I like to play and make games in almost all forms. Some of my favorite games include Magic: the Gathering, Minecraft, D&D, Nova Drift, TABG, and Sid Meier's Civ. Speaking of programming, I know how to program at an average level in Java, C#, C++, Python, Flask... And, pretty clearly, since I made this site from scratch, HTML, Javascript and CSS. I really love reading books too! Speaking of, some of my favorite book series are Cradle, Ar'Kendrithyst. As for sports, I no longer play any competitive sports, but I still excersise more often than not.


I'm working on some minecraft datapacks and modifications, which you can find here. My latest projects are HeartCore and Simple Minecraft Mod Profiles.

I'm also working on what is essentially a passion project, turning a idle game I found online, Critter Mound, into an updated and expanded version with cloud saving and multiplayer features. You can find the work in progress here.


Some of my school code projects go onto my github page, but most of the ones I work on in my free time I have to upload through google drive. Most things can be found on my projects page, with some more stuff accessible via the full page list.


Not much to say, simple things on here! Ways to talk to me. Social media. You name it! This is literally just a contact page.