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Hollikill's Minecraft Addons

These are all of the resource packs, datapacks, and other tools that I have created for minecraft. Most content in them is personally created by me, with some sampling from other publicaly avalible minecraft content, which is listed when it is used.

Simple Minecraft Mod Profiles

A simple profile manager for the minecraft, allowing multiple mod folders while still syncing all other minecraft data.

HeartCore Datapack

A minecraft hardcore-esque datapack. Players get three lives each, weakening with each death. Players can craft advanced items to regain their life or revive others.

Darken Infinity

This is my main resource pack, which I originally created for a modpack I was designing and did not release, but eventually shifted into a all-encompassing QoL improvement pack. This single pack covers so many things that I cannot list them all here. Much of the content in this pack is not designed by me, but rather collected by me and cleanly inserted here. Credit to the Vanilla Tweaks team. Latest update is for 1.19.

Everest Panorama Pack

This pack changes the menu panorama to a screenshot of the teleport hub from my createive world, Everest. I show some areas of this world on my youtube channel, which you can find on the contact page. Latest update is for 1.17.

Grasping Spyglass

Unable to reach a conclusion as to what you are seeing in your lame spyglass? Use this pack to get a grasp on the details. Latest update is for 1.17.

OlotAxe Pack

This pack makes the netherite axe into... an axeolotl. Latest update is for 1.17.

Panoramania Pack

A panorama proven to drive you clinically insane. Latest update is for 1.17.

WHAT spyglass

This turns the spyglass into the white box on black background WHAT meme. Latest update is for 1.17.

All credit for the idea goes to the Vanilla Tweaks team.

Red Crimson Wood

One of the best changes I think can be made in minecraft is a simple pallete change for the Crimson wood material from the defualt Blueish-Purple to a more befitting Red. This texture pack created by me shortly after the release of 1.16 does just that! Latest update is for 1.16.

Hollikill's UI Pack

I also recommend my self-designed UI centered resource pack, which features predominantly square shapes with vibrant colors to complement the existing asthetic. Latest update is for 1.16.