Alpha 0.4.6 changelog

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A Game about Getting a Lot of Points

Point Count: DNE +


Data Log

Statis Factor:


Total Boost: [DNEx]

Current Boost: [DNEx] / [DNEx]

Time Unboosted: DNEs [DNEx]

Current Average Tempo: DNEs

Tempo Boost Bonus: [DNE+]

Time Unclicked: DNEs

Gain the ability to amplify your generators through hard work and sweat.
(Unlocks Boosting)

Marinating the point button in exponential growth for long times has given it strange powers.
(Unlocks UnBoosting)

Why produce points when you could be making more point makers?
(Buildings automatically construct buildings of previous tiers, for free)

Direct points are overrated.
(Halve point generation per building tier, but double total meta-generation.)

The fact that boost degrades over time is unfortunate. Maybe you could construct some sort of device to keep the button in statis?
(Unlocks boost statis capacitors, which slow down boost degradation)

You infuse the point button with essence of unboost.
(Gain time up to your best unboost faster)

Hack the meta-generation system with the boost channel. You feel this is a choice you cannot unmake.
(Multiply meta-generation by log10 of the boost)

While working on the boost channel, you trip over something and knock yourself out. When you awake, a magnificent light floats before your eyes. Staring into the light of eternity, you know there is no true obstacle in what you face now.
(Multipy meta-generation by your unboost speed)

In the light of magnificence, what is time but a perspective?
(Unboost is not temporal)

Pressing the button repeatedly for a while seems to send you into a flow state.
(Pressing the button with a consistent tempo increases click power)

Turns out you can leave a rock on the button while you do other things, and the boost is none the wiser!
(The delay before boost degradation is doubled... still based on max boost, though)

You have reached the end of your grand plan... but you feel something more calling out. You can't name it, but these buildings in your vision will bring you to the edge of infinity.
(Invent the end of Architectural Technology)

This universe is full. You still feel something pulling you beyond, though.
(Open your mind)

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Toggle Rates
Toggle Building Counts
Toggle Old Research Descriptions
Adjust the Volume (DNE)
Pause Music
Change Tempo UI Style [DNE]

You've Won.

Wait for the next part in update 0.5.0