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HeartCore Datapack

Download Link (read installation instructions below)

HeartCore is a multiplayer-friendly datapack intended to provide fufulling end-game content. To acomplish this, it primarily adds four tiers of consumable apples. For recipes of each of the stages of a HeartCore, the final apple tier, any player can use the /trigger info command in game. To use a heartcore, simply hold it in your inventory.

Datapack Recipes

Cunife ingots are an alloy of iron and copper, useful for many industrial needs.

On the left is a duralite ingot, useful in end-game crafting recipies. On the right is the ubermeat, a prized and quite fufilling fuel source

Extra Commands

Any player can use /trigger info in game to pull up this page.

Installation Instructions

First, make sure to unzip the downloaded .zip archive.

For singleplayer, place a copy of heartcoredata.zip into the datapacks folder in your world, and place a copy of heartcoretex.zip in your resource packs folder and enable it.

If you are using this on a server, make sure the resource-pack and resource-pack-sha1 line in server.properties looks like this: resource-pack=https://download.mc-packs.net/pack/d15e6ad84584804418acfb53d369ee559b22b2a8.zipresource-pack-sha1=d15e6ad84584804418acfb53d369ee559b22b2a8. Additionally, make sure that heartcoredata.zip is in the datapacks folder and enabled enabled by going in game on your server and typing /datapack enable "heartcoredata.zip"